Creno Advanced CNC Machines

Acoustical Drilling for Composites

Creno is recognized as the world leader in CNC machines for acoustical drilling applications in nacelles and other composites structures.  The systems have been refined by being in use at multiple OEMs and Tier 1/2 manufacturers for over ten years.

There are two configurations available to meet varying applications.

5 Axis Gantry Style Machine

Our (5) Five Axis system provides high rigidity and motion flexibility to facilitate drilling on just about any shape. As many as 21 holes per second can be drilled while controlling depth and drill speed.  The precise performance ensures precise holes without any delamination or deformation of the holes or the structure.  Being able to monitor each spindle indicates to the control system when it is time to replace drills..

Robot Based Machines

Our robot based machines simultaneously deliver high performance and value.  We put a smaller drilling head on the system which enables the system to drill smaller parts.  This "part purpose" approach saves our customers money while expanding the variety of parts that can be automatically drilled. Combining these systems with automated part handling, smart fixturing and interchangeable tools many manual drilling and machining processes can be fully automated. The control systems also record a process and part quality creating a part  history record for customer use.

Ultrasonic Cutting of Honeycomb Parts

Cutting Honeycomb core just got easier!  The CRENO Ultrasonic cutting CNC machine for honeycomb core is a 2 in 1 machine.  It has been specifically designed to increase productivity and to ensure consistent quality of your products. The 2 in 1 process consists of a mechanical milling combined with the ultrasonic cutting in a single machine. This is available in either multi axis gantry or robot style configurations.
The product was first developed for customers six years ago and has been under constant development by Creno's R & D department incorporating innovative features driven by customer requirements. These developments have enabled Creno to offer lower cost machines that do more and require less valuable factory floor space.  The result is a single machine that cuts complex shapes in record time and with highest yields possible while reducing material costs.
Our machines combined an electro-mechanical spindle, able to machine/cut composite and honeycomb core materials with ultrasonic cutting heads. This combination brings high quality and accuracy to your production. The process offers a traditional rough cuts and fine ultrasonic cutting for finishing. Both of cutting process are interchangeable, adaptable and complementary depending on the requirement.
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