Movitherm's thermographic non destructive testing provides the composites part manufacturer to inspect both cured and in-cured parts for defects such as FOD, wrinkles, disbonds, de-laminations and other anomalies.
MoviTherm Thermographic Non Destructive Testing
FOD detection
FOD detection photo
Detect FOD in an uncured structure!

Result Image FODView

The images on this page contain examles of how the system shows the presence of FOD and other part defects. Visible are wrinkles and different FOD swatches artificially added underneath ply one and two.

FOD Detection

Detects a variety of FOD, such as release film, Teflon and other tape fragments. Insects, Razor Blades and other metal particles, pieces of gloves as well as air voids and wrinkles.

Scalable FOD Measurement System

FODView is a scalable and modular measurement system. The base system consists of a heat source (1.7kW Halogen Lamp), a smart thermal camera and a tablet PC with measurement software. This setup provides an inspection area of 13" x 17" during a single measurement. A typical measurement takes about 4-6 seconds until the result image is being displayed. Larger inspection areas can be achieved by adding additional halogen heat sources to the system and/or adding multiple cameras. The measurement head is small and compact and can easily be mounted on a mechanically articulated arm or robot for automated measurements.

Easy and Reliable Setup

Measurements are very easy to perform. A single button click starts the measurement. A contrast slider on the touchscreen interface allows the operator to enhance the inspection results, if needed. Measurement parameters can be saved and recalled with a touch of a button. Settings are password protected to avoid unauthorized manipulation of the setup.

The detection and prevention of FOD is essential to the profitable production of composite parts. The ideal solution would include the detection of FOD PRIOR  to cure enabling a repair to the part before additional value is added and certainly before it is cured.

The technology has the ability to inspect larger areas (1'x1' area) on a cured part than traditional ultrasonics enabling higher throughputs.  The system can be moved by hand or on an automated gantry system.
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