Winders and Slitters – Carbon Fiber

Converting Equipment for Advanced Composites

Independent Machine Company brings over 50 years of  experience in building slitters, winders, laminators and other types of converting equipment to the advanced composites materials manufacturing space.  Their slitters are slitting material for AFP machines in multiple locations in the US, Europe and Asia.  Their cross ply laminators have been making stringer pre-charge blanks for over 20 years.  Their  exclusive “Zero Backbend”  technology enables the slitting of thermoset prepreg without removing or distorting the backing material.  The slitters can be furnished with inspection systems and splicing stations.

Carbon Fiber Slitter – Spooler for AFP Machine

This video is of a 29 position slitter spooler delivered to a major Tier 1 aerospace supplier.  It converted carbon fiber prepreg unidirectional material from 15″ wide parent rolls to 1/4″ and 1/2″ fibers.  The spools were intended to be used on an AFP machine.  It included an inspection system that continuously monitored the quality of the slits with regard to dimensional accuracy, FOD, fuzz balls, etc.  Defects were tracked in a manufacturing process historian.  Production information was available to the MRP/ERP system.  Remote monitoring by the manufacturer to facilitate trouble shooting in the field. 

Independent Machine Company’s innovative Cross Ply Laminator eliminates forever the wasteful and tedious process of making multi-ply unidirectional charges for stringers, floor beams and other multi-laminate structures.  It uses conventional 12″ or 24″ wide material and fabricates rolls of multi-ply laminations with variably adjustable cross plies.  Systems have been in place for over 30 years.

Composites Automation Manufacturing Machines - IMC

IMC Cross Ply Laminator

IMC Advanced Composites Automated Delivery and laminating system

IMC Cross Ply Laminator and Material Delivery System

IMC Advanced Composites Automated Delivery and laminating system

IMC Thermoformer