Mikrosam Auxiliary Equipment

Tensioned Creels
Mikrosam's tensioned creels include full integration into the Filament Winders.  They include dynamic tension control, broken fiber detection and archiving of material quantity used.

They also can alert operators to change out material before the spool expires.  They can be configured to either feed the winders directly in line or can steer the fibers up to 90 degrees to save space.
Slitters, Slitter Rewinds and Process Development Services
Mikrosam is also able to provide custom slitters, and slitter rewind machines with cassettes.  These machines can be mated with pre-preg machines to make tow preg or with our filament winding machines to provide customers with complete internal vertical manufacturing capabilities.

Our extensive R & D facility is operated by our own engineers and technical personel and can be used to help customers develop processes and to fabricate parts before purchasing a machine.  The parts can be provided for customer testing or Mikrosam can arrange for appropriate stress and material testing.  Customers are welcome to visit the plant to see the processes in real time.

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