Belotti 5 Axis CNC and 3D Printing

Belotti Advanced CNC Machines for Composites

Belotti is recognized as the world leader of designing and fabricating a full range of machines for machining various types of advanced materials such as fully cured thermoset and thermoplastic composites.  The machines can machine composite structures and aluminum parts of various shapes and sizes.  The machines include 5 axes gantry CNC machining centers, water jet cutting systems, thermoformers, automated sanders and beam saws. 


Belotti Advanced CNC Machines for Composites – This is a video of the Belotti BEAD large format 3D printer and 5 axis CNC machine that provides a way to first print the near net shape part and then to be able to machine it to the actual size.  This technology extends throughout the entire range and can save material mand manufacturing costs as much as 50%. This machine can also be provisioned with a long fiber head that reduces the CTE dramatically for aerospace tooling applications.  Contact us for more information!

Belottis’s key distinctive technology solutions include:

  • 5-axis operationg unit with HSD electrospindle that supports the processing of components with complex geometries
  • Air Force System, the panel edgebanding device that guarantees an uparalleled finish quality
  • Twin Pusher, a patent exclusive to all Biesse beamsaws that enables optimal management of manufacturing peaks
  • The Bsuite software pacage, that inables operators without specific IT skills to get the best from the Groups’s machines
  • SOPHIA, the Biesse IoT platform which enables customers to access an extensive range of services to streamline and rationalise their work managament processes
Biesse Advanced CNC Machines for Composites
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