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CFW 300-2600 Production Line

Time-Resilient & Balanced

Practical CFW 300-2600 Production Line 

Technobell‘s CFW 300-2600 production line is a proven choice for GRP pipe manufacturing, offering a balanced combination of diameter range, production capacity, and investment size. Trusted by numerous operating factories, this production line ensures reliability and efficiency, catering to the demands of large-scale infrastructure projects. The CFW 300-2600 production line, with its comprehensive coverage of required diameters, serves as a dependable solution for GRP pipes manufacturing needs.

Besides the CFW 300-2600 production line, Technobell also offers a range of other continuous filament winding production lines with varying diameters, including CFW 300-1200, CFW 300-3000 and CFW 400-4000.

Additionally, Technobell supplies state-of-the-art auxiliary machines, custom-designed to support diverse functions in the production process, along with laboratory and testing equipment that is integrated with advanced computer software programs. 

  • Large diameter range (DN 300–2600)
  • High production speed
  • Online connectivity
  • Stable production
  • Low raw materials consumption
CFW 300-2600 Production Line
  • Production speed: up to 60 m/h
  • Yearly output: 200 km
  • Installed power: 590 kW
  • Average power consumption: 160 kW
  • Air / water supply: 8 / 0.1 m3/h
  • Covered area requirement: 3,500 m2
  • Recommended storage area: 25,000 m2
CFW 1200 Production Line Layout