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Movitherm’s thermographic NDI provides the composites part manufacturer to inspect both cured and in-cured parts for defects such as FOD, wrinkles, disbonds, de-laminations and other anomalies.

Thermal Imaging Solutions for Remote Monitoring, Automation and Non Destructive Testing


The detection and prevention of FOD is essential to the profitable production of composite parts. The ideal solution would include the detection of FOD PRIOR  to cure enabling a repair to the part before additional value is added and certainly before it is cured.

The technology has the ability to inspect larger areas (1’x1′ area) on a cured part than traditional ultrasonics enabling higher throughputs.  The system can be moved by hand or on an automated gantry system.

Movitherm’s thermographic NDI

Movitherm FOD View Gantry System
Movitherm Low Frequency
FOD and Wrinkles

Products and Solutions

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Thermal Cameras

MoviTHERM offers thermal cameras and enclosures for

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Automated Imaging
  • Science & Research
  • Optical Gas Monitoring
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Remote Monitoring

MoviTHERMs Remote Monitoring Solution:

  • FlareVIEWFlare Stack Monitoring System for hazardous and non-hazardous areas
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Automated Imaging

MoviTHERMs Automated Imaging Solutions:

  • UniTHERM
  • DuoTHERM
  • Plastic-Weld-Check
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Non Destructive Testing

MoviTHERM offers the following NDT Solutions:

  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Solar Cell Inspection
  • Stress AnalysisComposite Inspection
  • Crack Detection
  • Electronics Failure Analysis


MoviTherm  - petrohemical industry

Petrochemical Industry

Monitoring of:

  • Flare Stack
  • Critical Vessel
  • Gasifier
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Early fire detection
  • Optical gas detection
MoviTherm  - petrohemical industry

Steel Industry

Monitoring of:

  • Steel ladles
  • Torpedo cars
  • Die casting
  • Slag detection
  • Quenching and Annealing
MoviTherm - Aerospace industry


NDT/NDE inspection of:

  • Carbon Composites
  • Fuselage
  • Rotor and turbine blades
  • Other aerospace structures
Movitherm's thermographic NDI

Plastic and Packaging

  • Plastic film monitoring
  • Hot glue verification
  • Package seal verification
  • Leak testing
  • Plastic forming and extrusion monitoring
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Automated imaging and quality control of

  • Welding of plastic and metal
  • Glass and fiber glass production
  • Rubber and roof tiles
  • Injection molding
  • Early fire detection
  • Warehouse Monitoring
  • Void detection
Home Industry


  • Substation Monitoring
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Coal pile monitoring
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Food production

Monitoring and Control of:

  • Cooking temperatures of meats, poultry, fish and baked goods
  • Frozen food
  • Process parameters
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Research & Development

  • Semiconductor failure analysis
  • Optical gas detection
  • Crop stress detection
  • Imaging systems for UAVs and Drones
  • Wildlife imaging

Movitherm’s thermographic NDI

Movitherm’s FODView Video