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Advanced RTM, VARTM & Infusion Systems for Composites


Premier manufacturer of Resin Transfer Molding, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) and Infusion systems, with over 835 systems operating worldwide.  Predominant industries include aerospace, wind energy, space, automotive, transportation, medical device and many others. Other technologies include potting, ogies and the others in application as as potting, encapsulation, bonding & sealing and molding.

Isojet Equipements manufactures custom designed machines to meet specific customer requirements and for single or dual resin systems for any type of resin from major resin suppliers such as Hexcel, Solvay- Cytec, Hexion-Westlake, Sika, Henkel and many others.

The systems can be furnished with full PLC based SCADA control systems with process historization, HMIs and safety controls to meet local code requirements.  UL labels on demand. Product and process menus can be programmed in the field to simplify usability and reduce training time.

Our customers include: Airbus Group, Boeing/CAMTeC center, Safran Nacelles, GE Aviation, Collins Aerospace, GKN Aerospace, Ducommun Inc, Fiber Dynamics, Embraer, University of Southern Mississippi, NLR – National Aerospace Laboratory and many others!


2K Machine for infusion (Ooa), VARTM &  RTM.

High perfomance 2K injection & metering machine with variable ratio & flow and degassing system for processing :

Epoxy at high temperature like 120°C .
LRI resin like HexFLow® RTM 6 & RTM 6-2, PRISM EP 2400, EP 2410 and PR 520 and EPIKOTE® 

Our systems are designed to produce first pass quality parts in every process cycle minimizing both material waste while optimizing manufacturing time; as well as to be easy to use and require minimal expertise by operators.

Preparation tank / batch  for infusion (Ooa), VARTM &  RTM.

Preparation tank for tailor-made capacity  or possibilty to use supplier steel pail equipped with an anti-overflow system and exothermic management and adapted to monocomponent resin or mixed resins like HexFLow® RTM 6 & RTM 6-2, PRISM EP 2400, EP 2410 and PR 520 and EPIKOTE® 

Injection Piston for SQRTM  &  RTM and HT RTM .

Our system  is adapted for injecting with High Pressure from 0 to 30 bars and with for Accurate Flow control from 15 to 2 500 cc/min. Possiblity to heat  in standard up to 170°C (+/- 5°C) and in option up to 300°C for specific resins. Today most of our customers used our piston for 1K or 2K LRI resin like HexFLow® RTM 6 & RTM 6-2, PRISM EP 2400, EP 2410 and PR 520 and EPIKOTE® 

Others Systems as press or Machine for sealing & bonding  and encapsulation