Welcome to Composite Automation, LLC. We are the only Manufacturer’s Representative firm in North America that focuses on providing innovative composites manufacturing solutions to companies manufacturing various types of composite structures and raw materials. The companies that we represent offer a wide variety of composites automation manufacturing solutions including resin transfer molding, infusion, VARTM, automated fiber/tape placement machines for both thermoset and thermoplastics, filament winding, composite slitting machines and toll processing, CNC and waterjet machining systems, pre-preg making machines, cross ply laminators, laser projection systems, fiber patch placement, non destructive testing, and custom automation solutions. We basically have everything needed in the composites manufacturing process within our portfolio.  Check our Services page for a list of our partners that can help you with process development to ensure that your programs are low risk when implemented.

Composites Automation Manufacturing Machines

Custom Automation Solutions for the Aerospace and Composites Market