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Technobell is a leading supplier of Continuous Filament Winding (CFW) technology for the production of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes also known as Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) pipes. With over 35 years of worldwide expertise, Technobell provides state-of-the -art CFW technology, robust equipment, and specialized know-how to ensure success and long-term profitability in the GRP pipe manufacturing sector.


Superior CFW Production Line

Technobell’s reliable and efficient Continuous Filament Winding (CFW) technology sets new industry standards, ensuring flawless and high-quality Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipe production processes. The CFW technology is based on an “endless” mandrel, where layers of polyester resin, glass fibres, and silica sand are deposited to form a composite pipe structure. Technobell’s CFW technology offers several advantages over other technologies, such as centrifugal casting and discontinuous filament winding, including:

High Production capacity
Low production cost
Stable pipe quality
High level of automation
On-line connectivity
Low waste during production
A vast diameter range (DN 300-4000 mm):

CFW Auxiliary Machines

Technobell offers essential auxiliary machines tailored to support various functions in GRP pipe manufacturing. These custom-made machines ensure efficiency, quality, and safety throughout the production process, adapting to different diameters as needed. 

CFW Laboratory & Testing Equipment

Technobell’s GRP pipe production equipment also includes laboratory and testing equipment, complete with computer software programs. All testing data are immediately displayed on the computer screen and stored in the database. Technobell’s technology and design have been proven over long-term testing, according to major international standards.

Equipment Upgrades for CFW Production Lines

Technobell provides custom-made upgrades for CFW production lines for GRP pipes, whether manufactured by Technobell or other brands. With over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing CFW production lines, Technobell excels in analyzing, proposing, and executing upgrades to optimize customers production processes. The upgrades aim to boost production output, expand production range, enhance production reliability, and reduce production costs.

After-Sales Services

Technobell offers a wide range of quality after-sales services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of GRP pipe producers. Technobell’s comprehensive GRP pipes after-sales services designed to support customers every step of the way, from maintenance to training, ensure sustained success in GRP pipe manufacturing. Technobell offers:

Spare Parts & Consumables Supply

Raw Materials Supply

Preventive Maintenance

Equipment Upgrades

Personnel Training

Development of New Products