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CFW Auxiliary Machines & Testing Equipment

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CFW Auxiliary Machines 

Technobell is a leading provider of complete GRP production technology solutions. The product range encompasses different continuous filament winding (CFW) production line types with varying diameters (DN 300-1200, DN 300-2600, DN 300-3000 and DN 400-4000) and essential auxiliary machines, custom-made to support a variety of functions in the production process. These machines are designed to ensure efficiency, quality, and safety, with the flexibility to adapt to different pipe diameters as required. In addition to production equipment, Technobell also provides state-of-the-art laboratory and testing equipment, integrated with advanced computer software programs. This allows for immediate display and storage of all testing data, ensuring a seamless and efficient testing process. The technology and design have undergone rigorous long-term testing and have proven to meet major international standards.

Technobell CFW 400-4000 Machine

Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine (PHTM)

The PHTM performs hydrostatic tests on GRP pipes in accordance with major international standards. It features an automatic testing procedure, with easily accessible measurement equipment for checking testing pressure and time. Its testing capacity aligns with the CFW Machine, enabling 100% pipe testing.

Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine

Sleeve Hydro-Testing Machine (SHTM)

The SHTM conducts hydrostatic tests on sleeve couplings. It features an automatic testing procedure, and its testing capacity aligns with the CFW machine, enabling 100% sleeve coupling testing.

Sleeve Grooving Machine (SGM)

The SGM is essential for sleeve grooving and cutting operations. These sleeves, vital components manufactured from GRP pipes produced on CFW machines, undergo a precise process. To facilitate manipulation, pipes are cut into lengths of up to 6 meters. Supported by rollers, the pipe rotates during grooving, seamlessly transitioning into cutting operations. Post-sleeve removal, the remaining pipe advances for the production of new sleeves. Despite the generation of dust from grinding and cutting, an efficient suction and filtering system ensures a clean working atmosphere.

Off-Line Rectification Machine (ORM)

The ORM is designed for off-line pipe cutting and grinding operations. It is particularly useful when shorter pipes or pipes for fittings are required, or for repair works. During these operations, dust emission is managed effectively with a robust suction and filtering system. Equipped with support tables and a movable trolley for grinding and cutting tools, the ORM offers versatility. Setting positions allows production or repair of pipes ranging from 1 to 13.5 meters without additional equipment, streamlining the process.

Sleve Joining Machine (SJM)

The SJM is tailored for assembling pipes with sleeve couplings, strategically placed near pipe hydro-testing machines for timely assembly. This integration optimizes workflow efficiency within the factory, ensuring seamless pipe production.

Pipe Transport Trolley  (PTT)

The PTT automates the movement of GRP pipes between stations, facilitating optimal pipe logistics for enhanced production output. Its automated operation eliminates compromise on space for machinery and personnel movement within the factory, offering an efficient solution.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

The UTM serves as a versatile tool for assessing material strength through various tests including tension, compression, flexion, and stiffness evaluations. Its wide-ranging capabilities make it indispensable for quality assurance across materials, components, and structures.

Long-Term Testing of GRP pipes

Long-term tests provide important insights into GRP pipe characteristics over extended periods (50 years in operation). These comprehensive tests encompass hydrostatic design basis, creep tests, and strain corrosion evaluations, ensuring durability and reliability over decades of operation.