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 MikroPlace and MikroAutomate Software

Off-Line Programming & Simulation Software for Automated Fiber Placement(AFP) or Automated Tape Laying(ATL) Machines

Mikrosam produces its own offline programming and simulation software for automated fiber placement and automated tape placement machines that enables the design and manufacture of composite parts on their machines.  NC programmers can use MikroPlace and MikroAutomate design the part or import a CAD model from any design software such as CATIA, FiberSim, SolidWorks, etc. 
It provides all of the tools necessary to ensure that the machine head and tool can lay down all of the tows or tapes in a virtual setting checking for collisions.  It will also provide simulation tools to look for excessive steering or stress.  The simulation analysis includes throughput information. 
It then produces all of the G-Code needed to perform the kinematics necessary to operate the fiber/tape placement head.  By supplying this software with the machine, Mikrosam offers customers the lowest price, highest value proposition and in the market as well as the lowest total cost of ownership over time due to very reasonable support costs. 
The software can also be added to legacy AFP/ATL machines to replace less capable software at a fraction of the cost of other software on the market.  Ask us for a ZOOM meeting to demonstrate the software!
Mikro Place Machine