Filament Winding Machines

Filament winding is a process of winding composite fibers and resin around a shape(mandrel) for the manufacture of composite structures such as pressure vessels, pipe lines, Type 3 and 4 gas cylinders (CNG, LPG, hydrogen), rocket motor casings, and helicopter blades. Mikrosam’s filament winding machines wind continuous fibers, either previously impregnated with a matrix material or impregnated during winding, onto a rotating mandrel in a precise, predetermined pattern.  By choosing Mikrosam, you will be partnering with the premier manufacturer of filament winders in the world.  They have over 35 years of experience in the development of these types of machines and have innovative features such as automatic cut and add of fibers, full automated material handling, tensioned creel systems and many other features that ensure maximum uptime, productivity and first pass quality.  Their systems include their own part design and winding programming software compatible with any CAD system.  The machines also come with a full manufacturing process historian.  These and many other features are unique to Mikrosam.  Call us today to find out how we can increase your manufacturing profitability! 

The pattern is determined by Mikrosam’s filament winding software to meet user defined structural properties based on the materials being used.  High-speed, precise placing of the composite fiber, at a precise tension in pre-determinate pattern is the basis of the filament winding process.

Dual Mandrel Filament Winder with Tensioned Creel

This filament winder is an example of a 5 axes system that can wind on dual mandrels.  It includes a tensioned creel system to house and provide the tow preg being used to fabricate the part.  In the case of high pressure vessels, the system has a PID loop to control the internal air pressure of the liner to ensure proper winding process characteristics.  It can also continuosly weigh the cylinder during manufacturing.  

Multi Purpose Single Spindle FW

Mikrosam’s MAW 20 LS 6-1 Versatile Single Spindle 3 Axes Filament Winding Machine, this system incorporates an overhead beam design. Our turn key systems can include a resin bath and tension controlled creel. System includes WindingCommander and can be furnished with our WindingExpert part design software.

High Pressure Type 3 & 4 Tanks

Mikrosam has an advanced solution for the manufacture of high pressure cylinders for Type 3 and 4 tanks for CNG, LPG, hydrogen and other gasses. They can be supplied with two to five spindles able to fabricate various tank diameters and lengths. All of our machines include the latest technologies for winding controls enabling the machines to operate at high rates of speed. Fully integrated creels with electronic tension control along with integral resin baths provides a full turnkey system.

Lab Scale Filament Winding System

Single spindle filament winding system that can be used for R & D or low volume production. Modular design can be modified for custom size parts. The innovative integral resin bath and creel saves space and features easy to clean design. Mikrosam’s Winding Expert and Winding Commander get you making parts fast.

Overhead beam/Single Spindle

Mikrosam’s proven MAW 20 LS6 1 single spindle overhead beam design is in service at many clients worldwide manufacturing high quality parts. High throughputs with low downtimes provides high ROI. The movable tail stock enables the winding of a wide variety of mandrels. With WindingExpert and Winding Commander you’ll be making parts in no time.

Thermoplastic Filament Winding

Mikrosam’s thermoplastic filament winding expands the types of parts that can be made. Thermoplastic resin properties enable the fabrication of parts for especially difficult applications. PEEK, PEK, PPS among other resins and fibers can be processed and our in house lab machine can be used to help devel parts and processes before the design and purchase of a machine. Our machine can use gas or lasers to melt the resin and our high pressure compaction head ensures low void content.

Drum Winding Machine

Mikrosam’s lab scale drum prepreg making equipment utilizes the concept of impregnating carbon fiber tape between the two resin films. The carbon fibers are placed on the main drum with precise 90 degree winding. The consolidation of the prepreg tape is performed by controlled heating/cooling processes and simultaneously applying pressure through the pressure roller. This machine is used extensively in the development of new materials and processes.

Transport of water, gas, oil, sewage

Mikrosam’s MAW 20 FB P2_2 large floor bed filament winding systems are used to fabricate composite pipes used in the transport of fluids such as water, petrochemicals and sewage. These types of structures are typically made of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) or glass reinforced epoxy resin (GRE) materials. Mikrosam’s filament winding machines for these types of applications can include a unique design concept to increase production throughput for large diameter pipes. It can be equipped with two mandrels opposite of each other.

High Performance Aerospace Parts

Mikrosam’s MAW 20 FB 5 was designed in response to a demand for a machine to fabricate structures for aerospace. This series of filament winding machines are specifically designed for fabricating aerospace structures such as rocket boosters, nozzle cones and high pressure cylinders. The optimal solution for this market is a machine with up to six interpolated axes of control. Our machines and part design software are able to perform non-axis symmetrical winding.

Floor Bed Design Filament Winding Machine

This machine enables the fabrication of large cylindrical parts.
One of the unique features of this machine is that the tension controlled creel and resin bath
moves with the head while the mandrel stays in one location and spins to accept the fibers.

Large Complex Cylindrical Structures

This series of filament winding machines are intended for large complex structures and are designed to meet specific customer requirements. It incorporates a single spindle configuration with custom length, weight and work envelopes. These parts included composite drive shafts, coupling bearings, suspension arms, and torsion springs. It has also been furnished to produce large capacity CNG, LNG and high pressure hydrogen tanks.

Filament Winding of Composite Electrical Insulators

MAW 20 FB 4_2 Sophisticated Floor Bed construction with 4 axes and an option for winding 2 spindles simultaneously. Specifically designed for producing composite high voltage electrical insulators. High production throughputs plus low scrap rates ensure fast ROI on this machine. Other features include high-speed machining, standard G-code language, fully integrated safety functions in all modes of operation.

MAW 20 FB 5_0

MAW 20 FB 5_0 This floor bed machine can produce large parts with 5 axes of interpolated motion. It includes the movement of the resin bath system to maintain a constant orientation to the fabrication of the part. Full CNC/SCADA system.