Composite High-Pressure Vessel Plant

Mikrosam Fully Integrated Filament Winding Manufacturing Cell

Composite High-Pressure Vessel Plant

The revolution to transition from conventional hydrocarbon fuels such as gas and diesel to cleaner more sustainable fuels such as natural gas, LPG and hydrogen is well underway.  It holds the promise of lower carbon emissions, cleaner air and lower costs.  Mikrosam is supporting this revolution by having manufactured the most efficient, productive and fully integrated Type 3 and 4 cylinder manufacturing line in the world.  This system designed and fabricated by Mikrosam can produce 1 million cylinders per year when operated 24/7 with as few as four operators.  The system is completely turn-key and includes all of the material handling, creel management, fiber impregnation, winding and curing.  Our TCON (SCADA) system provides full part, process history and SPC enabling the management team to refine the process as needed.  While this system was designed for CNG tanks, it can be used to fabricate many other types of cylinders.  The machine was the subject of a white paper published in CompositesWorld.  More recently, Mikrosam was built the largest high pressure vessel plant for CNG and Hydrogen tanks in the world in Russia.  It can produce as many as 60,000 tanks per year.  See the article in CompositeWorld here.  Contact us with your requirements. 
Advanced Features


  • Largest automotive experience in high-capacity serial production.
  • Reduced production cycle-time and higher ROI from turn-key integration
  • Quality Control System –unlimited reporting of all production and operation parameters for traceability and quality improvement
  • Partial and complete automation designed for maximum effectiveness
  • Lower material waste and increased profitability
  • Turn-key systems and integration with 3-rd party units

Proven configurations, designs, and experience


  • Annual production: 30,000 – 1,000.000 units
  • Automatic loading/unloading sections and buffer zones
  • 5 – spindle filament winding machine
  • Automatic cut and restart (patented)
  • Automatic resin mixing and delivery system
  • Air pressuring function for liner up to 20 bars
  • Automatic line re-adjustment for different vessel sizes
  • Robotized dynamic load balancing of FW equipment and product handling
  • Continuous curing oven with air-exchange control