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Innovative Composites Manufacturing Solutions


Mikrosam is a leading European manufacturer of a wide range of machinery and advanced technologies for the composites industry. With more than 35 years of experience in composites Mikrosam understands the challenges that composite part and material manufacturers are trying to solve. They are the only AFP manufacturer that can supply their own part design and motion software  enabling small to medium size companies affordable access to AFP. Mikrosam can combine AFP and filament winding in a single system for maximum productive flexibility. With a wide range of machines it is likley that Mikrosam will have a solution for your composites manufacturing challenge.


Many complex composite structures that are currently being laid up and fabricated by hand are excellent candidates for Mikrosams AFP/ATL machine.  The incorporation of this technology replacing manual fabrication will result in lower cost and higher quality parts.  All of the parts produced on our machines will have a full part history record of the process enabling any required tracking after it is produced.

Offline Programming & Simulation Software for Automated Fiber-Placement (AFP) and Tape-Laying Machines (ATL)

Mikrosam offers its own internally developed MikroPlace and MikroAutomate software for composite part design and the generation of the G-Code needed to perform all of the kinematics necessary to operate the fiber/tape placement head.  By supplying this software with the machine, Mikrosam offers customers the lowest price, highest value proposition in the market as well as the lowest total cost of ownership over time.

Mikrosam Filament Winding Systems

Filament winding is a process of winding composite fibers and resin around a shape(mandrel) for the manufacture of composite structures such as pressure vessels, pipe lines, Type 3 and 4 gas cylinders (CNG, LPG, hydrogen), rocket motor casings, and helicopter blades. Our filament winding machines wind continuous fibers, either previously impregnated with a matrix material or impregnated during winding, onto a rotating mandrel in a precise, predetermined pattern.  

Mikrosam Vertically Integrated High Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Plant

The revolution to transition from conventional hydrocarbon fuels such as gas and diesel to cleaner more sustainable fuels such as natural gas, LPG and hydrogen is well underway.  It holds the promise of lower carbon emissions, cleaner air and lower costs.  Mikrosam is supporting this revolution by having manufactured the most efficient, productive and fully integrated Type 3 and 4 composite cylinder manufacturing line in the world.  

Tensioned Creels

Mikrosam’s tensioned creels include full integration into the Filament Winders.  They include dynamic tension control, broken fiber detection and archiving of material quantity used.

They also can alert operators to change out material before the spool expires.  They can be configured to either feed the winders directly in line or can steer the fibers up to 90 degrees to save space.

Mikrosam is also able to provide custom slitters, and slitter rewind machines with cassettes.  These machines can be mated with pre-preg machines to make tow preg or with our filament winding machines to provide customers with complete internal vertical manufacturing capabilities.

Composite Tool Extractors

Mikrosam’s composite tool extractors are of the highest quality and durability available from any manufacturer in the world.  With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing these systems Mikrosam knows what is required to extract your tool without damaging either the tool or the part.

The systems can include RFID readers, full process historization and all of the expected safety systems expected in such a deployment.

Hot Melt and Solvent Based PrePreg Machines

The Mikrosam control system monitors all of the process variables and records any excursions as alarms.  Trends are available for analysis and history for each batch can be supplied to customers or archived as needed.  The Mikrosam prepreg making systems are designed to operate at the lowest cost possible so that materials can be efficiently produced for high volume industries such as automotive, wind, and construction