Composite Automation, LLC

Innovative Composites Manufacturing Solutions

Mission Statement

To provide innovative composite part manufacturing equipment and processes to companies that result in increased throughput, reduced waste, consistent product quality and enhanced profitability.

Welcome to Composite Automation, LLC a Manufacturer’s Representation firm that focuses on providing innovative manufacturing solutions to companies manufacturing various types of composite parts.  The composites market is going through significant growth and requires new manufacturing technologies that can reduce fabrication costs by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and maintaining consistent quality.  Composite Automation, LLC represents world class leaders in the area of filament winding, automated fiber/tape placement, non destructive testing and many other related technologies.

The manufacture of composite parts requires the precise harmonization of materials, processes, machine automation and labor.  Understanding the various  resin systems, fibers and the way they interact requires deep process knowledge.  The key is to combine that knowledge with an understanding of automation systems to develop equipment that can produce high quality composite parts at a cost that delivers significant ROI to the manufacturer.

The companies I represent are customer focused with the goal of delivering automation that will have proven ROI, provide the customer with disruptive competetive advantage and minimize the reliance on operators.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide you a solution that gives your company disruptive competetive advantage in your market space.  Visit the products page in this website and peruse the offerings of my principles and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I look forward to working with you.