Composite Pre-Preg Manufacturing Machines

Mikrosam produces composite pre-preg manufacturing machines for both thermoset and thermoplastic resins.  These machines are available for research and development lab scale applications such as drum winders to fully custom production systems for the production of many different types of either thermoset epoxy or thermoplastic matrices.  These machines can be designed for custom widths.  Epoxy systems are either solvent or hot melt.  Thermoplastic systems are based on precise powder scattering.  Both include precise speed and temperature controls, full process historization, addition of release and protective films as needed and can be incorporated with one of our slitters.  Mikrosam can also produce tow preg production equipment ideally suited to support filament winding machines.

All of the machines incorporated Mikrosam’s TPOC SPC process historian.  The Mikrosam control system monitors all of the process variables and records any excursions as alarms.  Trends are available for analysis and history for each batch can be supplied to customers or archived as needed.  The Mikrosam prepreg making systems are designed to operate at the lowest cost possible so that materials can be efficiently produced for high volume industries such as automotive, wind, and construction.

                                                Composite Pre-Preg Slitting Machines  Mikrosam SlitterMachines

Pre-preg slitting machines gain popularity as the awareness of slit-tape prepreg performance benefits and application of automated fiber placement and tape laying (AFP/ATL) technology raises in the aerospace, automotive, wind and many other industries.

Complete line with all equipment units and software solutions from one source saves time, makes operation easy and gives the unique chance to have real control on the quality at every point of the production.

Mikrosam offers custom-made prepreg slitting equipment for production of wide width slit-tape prepreg used in ATL, and narrow width slit-tape prepreg machines for production of calibrated slit-tape prepreg used in the automated fiber placement AFP with release film.

All prepreg slitting solutions are affordable not only to large size industry players, but also to small and medium size companies and research institutes. Mikrosam has calculated the cost/benefit ratio of the investment in this equipment, which makes it a must have capacity for all entities who employ AFP/ATL technology in their regular production.

The machine pictured to the right is installed at the National Institute of Aviation Research’s ATLAS lab and is available for R & D trials.  Contact me for more details.