Belotti 5 Axis CNC and 3D Printing

Belotti 5 axis CNC machines are recognized as the world leader fabricating a full range of solutions for the machining or finishing of various advanced materials such as fully cured thermoset and thermoplastic composites structures and aluminum parts.  Belotti manufactures 5 axis gantry CNC machining centers, Large format 3D thermoplastic printing systems, water jet cutting systems, ultrasonic core cutting systems, and beam saws.


Belotti Advanced CNC Machines for Composites

Belotti brings a rich series of high performance multi axis CNC machining solutions to the composites manufacturing industry.  Below are a few of their applications.  They have the following unique machines:
  • Large format 3D thermoplastic printer with machining capability (“BEAD” machine)
  • Dustless ultrasonic cutting systems of various composite core types of material (send us a sample!)
  • Waterjet cutting system
  • Material handling and robotic automation
  • Automated drilling systems

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Belottie 5 Axis CNC

Belotti 3 and 5 axis CNC machines

Belotti Advanced technologies & Robotic Automation

“BEAD” is Belotti hybrid machine for additive and subtractive manufacturing developed in partnership with CEAD group. This new hybrid technology integrates Large Scale Additive Manufacturing with the milling process in a single machining center.

The machine exploits the best of both worlds combining the speed and creative potential of 3D printing with the precision and reliability of a cnc center in a single system. Through the integration of a CEAD extruder for additive manufacturing (of variable dimensions and capacity) in a Belotti 5-axis CNC machining center, BEAD allows the production of parts that are sufficiently oversized to be finished to the required tolerances with times and raw materials consumption lower than traditional methods.

BEAD solution can be possible in different configurations with variable build volumes, extrusion outputs and printing orientations, and finds application in many industrial sectors, allowing for the production of models and production tools (moulds, plugs and autoclave toolings) through the use of different materials, from commodity to high performance fiber reinforced polymers.

Learn more at BEAD webpage 


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