Isojet Equipements Advanced Resin Transfer Molding Systems for Composites

Isojet Equipements is a premier manufacturer of Resin Transfer/Injection/Vacuum machines.  Isojet has more than 25 years’ experience and over 405 machines in the field across aerospace and automotive applications. Our customers include: Airbus Group (worldwide factories), Boeing/CAMTeC center, Safran Nacelles/Aircraft Engines/Landing Systems, GE Aviation, UTC Aerospace, GKN Aerospace, Ducommun Inc, Fiber Dynamics, Embraer, Hexcel (worldwide factories), Solvay-Cytec, Huntsman, Saertex, Arkema, Henkel, Chomarat, Porcher Industries, Daher, University of Southern Mississippi, NLR – National Aerospace Laboratory, Fraunhofer Institute, Lamborghini, Toyota F1, Volvo, Dow Automotive…and many others!  The systems use advanced PLC based controls to operate closed loop(PID)controlled pumps and heating strategies to enable the mixing of two component resins that have viscosities as high as 100,000 Cp.  Single component systems can also be supported.  Additional applications include potting/encapsulation, bonding/sealing and molding or casting.   The systems can be furnished with full PLC based SCADA systems with HMIs and process historization.  Product and process menus can be programmed in the field to simplify usability and reduce training time.  The systems can be custom engineered for non conventional applications.  Challenge us with you’re application!

  • Resin Injection Systems

  • Resin Infusion Systems

  • CAPRI Based Systems

  • Infusion Systems

  • Vacuum Tables

  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding Systems

  • Potting Encapsulation Systems

  • Pumping Systems for Drum Applications

  • Precise Piston Pump System

  • High Viscosity Systems for 70,000 mPas to 1,000,000 mPas viscosities.


ISOJET Equipements can supply a wide range of integrated solutions to ensure your RTM/RIM applications will perform as expected delivering the ROI you need to get the return on your investment in minimal time.  Our systems are designed to produce first pass quality parts in every process cycle minimizing both material waste while optimizing manufacturing time.  The systems are designed to be easy to use and require minimal expertise by operators.